Austerity Performance

Chicago, United States,


This project aimed to experiment with my daily life as a form of art, while trying to answer questions on personal and general economy, management and administration.

In this performance I restricted my expenses to those that were strictly necessary and to investments during 6 months. These expenses were made public through social media during the performance duration. I also registered my incomes, deposited on a saving account and paid my debts. Every month, I registered the change on my neth worth, with which I made the graphic displayed here.

Austerity Performance explored the tensions between economic policy theory and practice, and between the technique and the restrains of human emotions. Art, in This case, provided a frame that allowed me to take the experiment to a successful result, in a way that otherwise would have been more difficult to happen due to the emotional toll that this performance implied.

To see the dayly documentation, please follow my instagram account @csalazarlermont

Find more information at The Backroom, a project organized by Independent Curators International and Museo Tamayo.