Esperando A Dios (EAD) v.01

3-channel video
Variable dimensions

Esperando A Dios (EAD) v.01 (Solo exhibition)
St. Louis, United States

Esperando A Dios (EAD) v.01 (2022-2023) is a sardonic view on the marginalization that immigrants experience in the United States. The piece was filmed when the Venezuelan artist was expecting his delayed Employment Authorization Document. At the time, the American economy was rebounding from the COVID-19 crisis. This effervescence was reflected in a sudden and unexpected surge of jobs in the United States. Unable to work legally, the artist filmed himself standing in front of multiple fast-food businesses’ “now hiring” signs in St. Louis, MO, doing all he could do about it: wait. The images in the video move to the rhythm and melody of an electronic version of El Norte es una Quimera, a traditional merengue caraqueño song from the 1920s that speaks about the hardships of immigrating to the US. The cover of this centennial song was conceived and produced specifically for this project by Carlos Salazar-Lermont and performed by Venezuelan electronic musician Andrea Ludovic.

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