Use as few elements as possible

Present clearly defined actions and materials to enhance real or suggested performativity

Proximity—literal, figurative—increases tension and engagement

Materials are a discourse. The body is a material

Vulnerability is a strength

Address Venezuela’s historical circumstances by deconstructing the social, political, and economic fabrics

Subvert the burden of Catholicism’s culture of self-sacrifice and martyrdom

Reflect on the awareness of our own death, as a path to make sense out of existence

Show the paradoxes of economic value, through everyday social dynamics

You have permission to laugh

If that does not convince you, try this one:

Art expresses what philosophy and science cannot because Art can express contradiction

Matter is contradictory

Performance Art is contradictory

Latin America is contradictory

Venezuela is contradictory

USA is contradictory

Life is contradictory

Human Nature is contradictory

I am contradictory

Everything I say about my work is true, but it is also a lie

If that does not work either, try this other one:

My subconscious makes my work for me

I read the Bible

I listen to Gregorian Chants

I read about Latin American economy and its historical failures

I visualize the making in my mind. Then I go directly to the making

I use ephemeral materials very often because life is ephemeral very often

The form is brief because my attention is brief

The content is labyrinthic because my thought is labyrinthic

If that is still not clear, this could be helpful:

My art practice is like euthanasia to Modernism while being pregnant with its baby