Ecclesiastés 1:9

Fotoperformance (Performance and Digital photographs)
5 photographs of 9.5 x 14 in each

Ecclesiastés 1:9. Chuquimarca Projects.
Chicago, United States.

Parabola: Salon. Des Lee Gallery.
St. Louis, United States.

Ecclesiastés 1-9 is a pentaptych that shows the healing process of an inkless tattoo on my chest. The tattoo displays the verse of the Bible noted in the title of the piece, which refers to how everything that exists now is nothing but a new version of something that already existed before. This is framed in the general subject of the book of Ecclesiastes, which claims that everything in life—wisdom, pleasure, folly, toil, wealth, among many other things, is vanity: a vapor meant to vanish. This work was made seven years after my work Memento Mori/Vanitas (2013), which roughly follows the same structure and is inspired by the second verse of the same book. with Ecclesiastés 1-9, I reflect on the meaning of life while inquiring about the general value of art and my own identity as an artist.