Survivor’s Syndrome
In Collaboration with Ratri Notosudirdjo 

Intercity Project
Organized by Out Of Site and Performance Art Event
Simultaneusly in Chicago, United States and Rotterdam, Netherlands

For the Intercity project, I created a piece in collaboration with Rotterdam-based artist Ratri Notosudridjo, addressing some of the issues that affect immigrants in EEUU and the Netherlands. During the 2 hrs long performance, Ratri and I walked between two points in our respective cities, while broadcasting the other city's component of the performance through two livestream cameras in each place. In Rotterdam, Ratri walked between Café Bakeliet and Layalina Restaurant carrying a transparent backpack with objects related to her immigration experience, interacting with passers-by and the audience in general.

In Chicago, at Palmer Square, I walked between a tent and a coffee table with a screen. The tent was filled with 408 kg of sand (900 lb). I tried to empty the sand with my Employment Authorization Document (EAD), digging sand from the tent and dropping it at the coffee table.